The Rigoletto Pen

Italians’ love for opera is unmatched by their other musical passions. It is the genre closest to their hearts because it embodies so many Italian qualities, not least a desire to express the deepest, most heartfelt emotions. Flamboyant, tempestuous, joyous: opera is Italy’s soul transformed into sound. To celebrate this most elegant and noble of […]


Montegrapp​a Announces The Availabili​ty Of The Privilege Gioiello Limited Edition Collection

The finishes in the Privilege Gioiello collection will feature unique elements applied to all of the metal components in each pen Montegrappa, Italy’s most revered manufacturer of fine writing instruments, today announced the availability of the Privilege Gioiello luxury pen collection which debuted at this year’s Baselworld in March which is the world’s largest and […]